The History

In the mid 1990's when Windows 95 was the latest available operating system, "ListMan" was born. A basic tool to help registration dealers manage their stock lists.

In early 2000, "Regmarks 2000" was the follow up version to ListMan, adding more features and earning the nickname "RM2K" from its user base. When current style numbers were first released in September 2001, v2 was born and over the last 18 years, it's survived being sat on top of everything from Windows 98, to Windows 10 (it hasn't been tested on Windows 11) and with a certain amount of cajoling, even on a Mac.

Regmarks 4 The Web

The Internet

Regmarks was just about born in the internet age, but the internet was powered by dial up modems. The internet has come of age over the last few years, with broadband, 4G (soon 5G), and web pages looking the same regardless of browser used. Gone are the days of "This website is designed for Internet Explorer".

Regmarks 4 The Web

In its 4th incarnation, Regmarks has now hit the web. This solves so many problems. Mac users no longer need to run the "Parallels" environment (essentially Windows running within the Mac), you can gain access on your tablet, mobile etc and treat your registration business like your email - access it anywhere!


These are just some of the features of RM4TW

Dealer and Commission Manager

Manage the sources of your registrations. Easily pick the dealer when importing dealer data or manually adding a registration as a commission sale. Specify whether the source is VAT registered to work out the best prices.

Registration Manager

In a greatly expanded management system compared with RM2K, you keep a single record of a registration, and then we manage each dealer that the registration can be sourced from, ensuring the cheapest price for the end user is selected

Margins Manager

Markups can be assigned to imported registrations automatically, on a dealer by dealer basis, either as a percentage of the cost price, or a fixed price markup based on the cost price.

Wants and Enquiries

Not in a position to supply what a customer wants? Make a note of their details and provide a match criteria and each day, new added or imported numbers are checked to see whether it matches a need from a potential customer so you can maximise previous contacts.

Website Exports

We can set up an automated transfer throughout the day to your website (or schedule it once a day or once a week).

Commissions Manager

Keep a note of your commission details for easy access. In an update to the system shortly after it goes live (i.e. not available in first release), you will have the option to generate automatic emails to your customers, asking if their number is still available for sale and confirm the price is still what they are looking for.

Multi User

Being on the web, Regmarks is multi user. Register all your staff members to track who did what on the system


Your data is backed up daily and we regularly generate a "CSV" Text file of your registrations by email that you can load into Excel if you ever don't have internet access


Every registration can be linked to one or more names, so 911 numbers can be linked to Porsche, ASH to Ashley etc - automatically.


Registrations can also be linked to categories (manually). Jobs, Pets, anything you like. These categories will be included in the website export so can be used on your website too!


Review the gallery of screenshots below to give you an idea of how everything works

Regmarks 4 The Web is referred to as "Software as a Service" (similar to the likes of Office365) where instead of paying for an Office CD as a one off cost, you get the benefit of continuous updates and online services for a set price per month. Rather than paying for your own web hosting and then paying thousands of pounds for a custom product in what is a relatively niche industry (i.e. not something we can recover costs by providing to hundreds of dealers), we charge on a monthly basis and that monthly cost covers us backing up your data daily, providing server resources to allow you to edit and update your data and carry out the initial development and ongoing maintenance of the system. New features will be added periodically and generally these features will be made available for free as part of your existing licence fee. If a feature is considered a large feature which adds significant benefit for a few dealers that may require it, or we have specific custom requests from a dealer, there will be an additional cost involved but it will always be optional. We will never force you to take an additional feature and you will always maintain the features that have been made available within the licence fee you pay.

RM4TW went live on our 25th Anniversary - 30th January 2019, but it was "soft launched" - rolling out to a few dealers who wanted to get moving with it and were prepared to help iron out some of the issues.


Service (per month) Price (+VAT) per month
Small dealer (up to 20,000 live registrations) £39
Up to 45,000 live registrations £59
Up to 75,000 live registrations £79
Up to 120,000 live registrations £99
Up to 200,000 live registrations £149.99
Over 200,000 live registrations Contact Us
Each additional user licence (Main licence comes with 1 user licence) £ 9

Other Services Price (+VAT)
1 Hour Introductory Training (not on site - phone/remote view) - only if needed - as you can see below there is a free 1hr 15min pre recorded video of how to setup and use Regmarks4TheWeb. You only need the additional Introductory Training if you prefer a one to one over the phone. £ 75
Existing Data Import Service £ 60 per hour

Note: If you have an unusually large amount of sold records, and still want to keep them in the new system from your original data, we may need to work out custom pricing for you. Alternatively we can filter out old, sold records as we pull the data in.

Because Regmarks4 is such a large system, even in its infancy, we've created a 1hr 15 minute video which shows you how to set the system up, and how to make the best use of it. Simply click the Play button and then press the rectangular frame in the bottom right corner of the youtube video feed to make the video full screen.

As mentioned above, we can provide a service of importing your existing data into the system as long as it meets certain criteria. Costs will be based on what is involved in getting your data extracted and imported and will be discussed on a case by case basis if you need this facility. If you are an existing Regmarks 2.7 User we would expect about 2 - 3 hours of time to carry out the importing process.

In comparison, having your own managed server (i.e. someone else applying regular security updates etc) with enough memory for database management to give you adequate response times, would cost at least £100 per month, and if you had your own software developed you would be looking at several thousand pounds of up front cost and ongoing maintenance costs to the developer. We simply charge a low price, on a monthly direct debit payment basis, and at a price which is far less than putting one sales advert in one magazine for a single issue.