Last Updated 01 January  2019  

1.   Mobunti Limited     
1.1  The Regmarks4TheWeb service is owned and operated by Mobunti Limited. Mobunti Limited provides a Privacy Notice for the entire company at which also applies to the Regmarks4TheWeb service.

In addition to the above privacy policy, Mobunti Limited does not sell, disclose, or make available in any way, data you enter into the Regmarks4TheWeb service. The contact details you enter for your customers and dealers are only available within your account. As part of our efforts to ensure you can trade efficiently even if you lose internet access or if for some reason the Service is not available to you, we supply regular CSV data files that you can load into a spreadsheet or text editor which will contain contact details provided by you. Whilst we make use of available encryption technology for the transmission of the emails to you, the actual email content itself and the associated attachments are not encrypted and so you are responsible for the safe keeping of those emails once they have left our server.